Anyone in the business of selling drinks knows it’s not as simple as it sounds. Not only does the market get more competitive each year with the introduction of new products and venues, but customers’ attitudes around what they drink, how much they drink and the kinds of places they like to drink are also changing. Ultimately, becoming successful and staying relevant means understanding the role your venue plays in the life of your customers and this is why Asahi Premium Beverages commissioned us to produce the Third Space Revolution Report.

A ‘third space’ is a term commonly used to describe a space where people spend time when they are not at home or work. The Third Space Revolution Report looked at venues in Australia and globally that think beyond the sale of alcohol to create social and cultural experiences that respond to their patron’s lifestyle needs. Driven by our increasingly intense urban lifestyles, it is an ascendant global trend with great relevance to all Australian cities, which are growing rapidly.

“becoming successful and staying relevant means understanding the role your venue plays in the life your customers”

Third Space Revolution Report

Written and designed to be a tool for Asahi Premium Beverage’s venues, the report covered design, service, entertainment and product to provide a thorough understanding of what it means to be a great third space that attracts new customers, retains existing ones and, at the end of the day, has more money in the till.

For Asahi, The Third Space Report represents a shift away from the traditional supplier-venue relationship, to that of a Productivity Partner who uses its resources to inspire and improve businesses and grow the category as a whole.

A Trend Briefing by Right Angle’s Strategy & Insights Director, Barrie Barton, hosted at Paramount Recreation Club, accompanied the Third Space Revolution Report.


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Asahi Premium Beverages

Photography by Tim da Rin