It goes without saying that a great brand identity should help you make money. What is less common are brand strategies that can actually save money. In the rebranding of SLA’s urban sites, we saw the opportunity to do both. For us, this commercial imperative comes from years of running our own businesses and understanding how important both cap-ex and op-ex costs are when making decisions. We are creatively ambitious, but we are also practical thinkers who have a holistic view of our clients’ businesses. This helps us actively set the parameters, identify opportunities, and ultimately, deliver great brands that can be maintained over time.

Part 1
Brand Strategy

When we were chosen by SLA to brand two of their urban sites at the same time — Braddon on Northbourne and Gold Creek Homestead — our first step was to review previous projects. Each had a different name and a different style which felt more like brands for residential developments than undeveloped sites. This was potentially confusing for both developers and the community and no doubt difficult for SLA’s team to manage. With the combined budget for the two sites, we proposed that there was a rare opportunity to create a brand system, not just an identity, that could be applied to current and future sites. Not only would this improve the communications to prospective land buyers, it would eliminate unnecessary complexity while reducing any internal and consultant costs of developing collateral for SLA’s urban sites in the medium-to-long term.

Part 2
Brand System

Our brand system for SLA identified a ‘kit of parts’ that would provide both consistency and flexibility. Instead of delivering a single identity, the system addresses site naming conventions, content frameworks, key messaging, photographic style and video format to streamline SLA’s internal processes while ensuring great results. Including a library of illustrations and animations that help visualise different types of projects and place characteristics, our brand system provides a comprehensive set of components to build place brands.

Part 3
Brand Playbook

Delivering all of the collateral for the brand system led to an opportunity to create a brand playbook that goes beyond a standard styleguide. The playbook guides readers through the entire branding process from start to finish, providing instructions and rationale in plain english. The result is an easy to follow brand guideline that incorporates extensive collateral, briefing instructions for freelancers and company processes. The playbook delivers a holistic overview of how branding works within SLA’s Urban Projects along with granular instructions and checkpoints to make sure each place brand presents best to future buyers and the community.

“The brand and campaign that Right Angle delivered for our Urban Projects helped us sell a previously passed-in site in much tougher market conditions during COVID. They have also delivered on the strategy, making the marketing of future sites more efficient. ”

Claire Haining, Marketing Manager
Suburban Land Agency


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