St. Collins Lane occupies an important slice of the internal retail corridor that connects Flinders Street and Melbourne Central stations. To celebrate some great new tenants, including Leica’s Melbourne flagship store and Saint Dreux’s much-lauded katsu sandwich bar, a signage update would ensure the centre wasn’t getting overlooked in a competitive part of the city.

Right Angle Studio’s approach was to respond to the existing architectural materials used in the building’s high-end finishes and façade cladding, ultimately producing a set of sophisticated wayfinding elements that stood out without feeling out of place; overhead signage played off the geometric floor tiling by presenting as champagne steel on one side and black on the other.

We improved visibility in low light by illuminating signage, helping to grow St. Collins Lane’s evening body clock, and increased street-level wayfinding to draw foot traffic up through the centre to the new second level food court.

“St. Collins Lane embodies a mindset that resonates with the individual – an established set of attitudes for the style conscious, uninhibited, urban character. “


Signage, wayfinding



Tess Kelly