There is a lot about the health and wellness industry that can leave you feeling a bit sick. From soulless gyms to unproven detox drinks, the irony isn’t particularly funny when you consider how it robs so many people of their money, time and energy. Inspired by our own lapsed gym memberships and failed self-improvement kicks, we wanted to create a space that encourages personal connection and sets realistic expectations.  Paramount Recreation Club is a place that makes sense in our modern lives and aims simply to make you feel ‘a little better’ than when you arrived.

Located on the rooftop of Paramount House (a building that is also home to Golden Age Cinema & Bar, another project of ours), Paramount Recreation Club offers fitness and mental health classes, complementary health treatments and a kiosk, serving a delicious all-day menu designed by our friends at Longrain, The Apollo and Cho Cho San. When classes aren’t running, the club has also been designed to host public events such as talks, workshops, screenings, dinners and markets that promote healthy living and exercise the mind with discussion around what it really means to be healthy as an individual, as a neighbourhood and as a city.

Through its various physical, mental and social activities, Paramount Recreation Club is an opportunity to focus on what is most important by taking care of yourself and those around you.

If you are interested in becoming a member or organising a corporate health workshop please visit

Paramount Recreation Club

“We will look back on the early decades of the 21st Century and wonder why we treated our bodies like machines in rooms that looked like factories under the delusion that we would always look young.”

Misha Glouberman, Chairs Are Where the People Go




Architecture & Design
Bob Barton in collaboration with Herbert & Mason

Right Angle Studio