Paramount Recreation Club is a different kind of health club, where hanging out is as important as working out. This required a different approach to branding that avoided the clichés of health and wellness marketing, including buffed-up biceps, impossible yoga poses and super natural levels of serenity.

The branding process started with the naming. Recreation simply refers to what you do when you’re not at home or work. This could mean taking a class, or it could mean just enjoying a coffee or soda on the Rooftop Kiosk. Recreation is also about renewal, and is aligned with the club’s brand promise to ‘come as you are, leave a little better.’

This balance of active and passive informs the brand identity with a palette of bright, ‘high-energy’, gymnasium colours and earthy, ‘low-energy’, Palm Springs-inspired colours drawn from the building’s Californian deco heritage. The logo itself is modern and direct, but typography is used playfully to create a sense of movement and the impression that this isn’t a brand that takes itself too seriously. 

“Paramount Recreation Club brings together physical, mental and social health to provide a well-rounded experience designed with our modern lives in mind. Use it how you want, whenever you need.”


Naming, brand strategy, branding, art direction, copywriting, digital design



Pierre Toussaint, Tomas Friml, Marsha Golemac, Kloke