Anyone who has stayed at Hotel Hotel will tell you that it’s not your average hotel. It thinks beyond the tourist market and proves that a hotel can be many things to many people without losing its distinct identity. Such a dynamic and diverse culture is difficult to cultivate, particularly in a short time, but since opening in 2014, Nectar, Jonathan and their team have pushed the boundaries and won the hearts and minds of both travellers and Canberrans.

Right Angle Studio’s role was to work with Molonglo from very early in the project to create a set of brand values. These values, which read like a manifesto, were then used to identify and inspire other project partners, and also as a guide for our own work on the early branding with Studio Round, the staff uniforms with fashion label Kloke, the curation of in-room items – right down to the selection of hotel staff.

Each time we stay there we are incredibly pleased to see these values in action.

Photo by Scottie Cameron, courtesy of Studio Round
Photo by Ross Honeysett, courtesy of Hotel Hotel
Photo by Ross Honeysett, courtesy of Hotel Hotel

“The best way to describe what Right Angle Studio do is that they are basically Hotel Hotel’s dating service/relationship counsellors. They have introduced us to some of the lovely creatives we have worked with over the past few years and have helped us to find shared meaning together.”

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Photo by Ross Honeysett, courtesy of Hotel Hotel
Monster Restaurant and Bar, photo by Lee Grant, courtesy of Hotel Hotel
Photo by Ross Honeysett, courtesy of Hotel Hotel


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