For some time now, educators have looked less at what we should teach children and started focusing on how to teach kids to learn. This fundamental shift prepares them for an uncertain future. Along with changes in pedagogy, rethinking the role that environment plays in learning is becoming more and more important – architecture and place can make new ways of teaching and learning more effective.

Embracing change and responding thoughtfully, Geelong Grammar School has set out on an ambitious project to develop a Place Vision and Masterplan for their Bostock House campus. Right Angle Studio, along with MALA Landscape Architects and Andrew Burns Architecture (ABA), helped define what their school of the future could be and how it might bring their values to life.

We took this evolution to heart and developed a Campus Futures Workshop with staff and administrators from Geelong Grammar. Incorporating the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program (IB PYP) pedagogy, Right Angle Studio, MALA and ABA facilitated a deep dive into place vision and masterplanning to look at how progressive, big-picture ideas about education might impact the future of Bostock House.

The ideas, designs, drawings and feedback generated during this workshop informed the final masterplan through the inclusion of student and teacher journeys. The combined wealth of knowledge from the participants helped craft an inclusive place vision imbued with moments that matter to young students. The interests of the students anchored every idea, which was fitting since the future isn’t ours, it’s theirs.



Melbourne, VIC



MALA, Andrew Burns Architects