Our full-service Creative Department gives us the opportunity to turn our strategic thinking into real-world outcomes – something we’ll never get enough of. Burwood Brickworks is the first shopping centre to participate in the rigorous Living Building Challenge green certification. We first touched Frasers Property Australia’s landmark retail development back in 2017 when we wrote the project vision that provided placemaking concepts that would turn its sustainability measures from something abstract into memorable moments for customers and local residents.

In 2019, as the opening of the centre drew near, Frasers Property engaged us again to help with telling the story behind the ‘Living Building’ through educational signage. With a beginner’s mind, we revisited the Living Building Challenge to distill the certification standards into an approachable narrative that would bring the story of Burwood Brickworks to life. In creating a more positive and restorative experience the interactions appeal to people’s senses, immersing them in experiences that show us how we can embed sustainable practices into buildings, businesses and our daily lives.

Part 1
Educational Signage Strategy

Building a signage and communications strategy for Burwood Brickworks began with us speaking with operators, designers, architects and administrators to see how they were bringing sustainability goals to life through built-form, product and programming. Once all these actions were understood we developed a strategy that matched content and context to properly deliver the message.

Part 2
The Making of Burwood Brickworks Exhibition

Bringing the various concepts and initiatives that define sustainability at Burwood Brickworks together was a welcome challenge. Starting from a deep understanding of the project and vision, we devised, designed and produced a permanent exhibition that brings the story behind Burwood Brickworks to life. Located in a prominent tenancy, the exhibition invites people to see what makes the ‘living building challenge’ work and how we all play a part in each other’s sustainable future.

“While Burwood Brickworks is a world first, we are more excited to see how others will improve upon it and find new ways to give more than we take.”

Jack Davis, Senior Development Manager
Burwood Brickworks

Part 3
An Educational Centre Map

Showing the design and impact of Burwood Brickworks in a way that audiences of all ages could immediately grasp meant bridging the gaps between storytelling, spatial thinking and complex systems. A large-scale map and mural depict the processes and effects that make the ‘Living Building’ breathe by using approachable illustration that highlights how we can better use resources to restore ourselves and our environment.

Part 4
Flip-Dot Signage

A building as unique as Burwood Brickworks has a particular personality. Using an analogue approach to the signage through a flip-dot board helps give the centre a tactile voice while reducing visual noise. It’s also an environmentally conscious alternative to a digital screen that creates a restorative shopping experience without blaring announcements. The signage stimulates senses in a nuanced way – delivering key messages about Burwood Brickworks, highlighting offers and events and inviting people to interact with the ‘Living Building’.


Frasers Property Australia


Grumpy Sailor, Josh Robenstone, Kat Chadwick

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