One of the most rewarding things about the roll-out of our full-service Creative Department has been the opportunity to turn our own strategic thinking from ideas on a screen to real-world outcomes. We first touched Frasers Property Australia’s landmark Burwood Brickworks retail development – the first shopping centre to participate in the rigorous Living Building Challenge green certification – back in 2017, when we devised a set of placemaking concepts that would turn sustainability measures from something abstract and distant into memorable moments for customers and local residents.

In 2019, as the opening of the centre drew near, Frasers Property reached out for help with Burwood Brickworks’ educational signage. What began as a simple brief evolved over the coming months into a series of interactions throughout the centre, each of which contributed to the overall user experience while educating the public about sustainability.

We designed, produced and wrote content for a permanent exhibition that told the Burwood Brickworks story, located in a prominent tenancy, to help customers understand how regenerative measures had been embedded throughout the centre; we create a ‘timber archive’ to document the journey of salvaged materials used in its construction; we produced a wall-mounted map with a local illustrator to provide a digestible walkthrough of the centre for kids (and kids at heart); we worked with a tech company to produce a flip dot signage board – an environmentally conscious alternative to a digital screen – which would then deliver a set of key messages that we wrote and curated; and we even collaborated with an Australian perfumery to create signature scents for the centre, which evoke the native odours of the bush.

Burwood Brickworks was required to deliver an educational experience as part of the Living Building Challenge, but our Creative Department turned a tick box into an opportunity to provide moments of joy, intrigue and learning at the world’s most sustainable shopping centre.

“While Burwood Brickworks is a world first, we are more excited to see how others will improve upon it and find new ways to give more than we take. “

– The Making of Burwood Brickworks Exhibition


Frasers Property Australia


Grumpy Sailor, Josh Robenstone, Kat Chadwick


Content, Concept Development, Wayfinding, Educational Signage