Braddon’s rich history melds with a streetscape defined by creativity, culture and commerce, giving the neighbourhood a layer of sophistication and grit unlike anywhere else in the nation’s capital. But, like many places undergoing rapid gentrification, Braddon is at a crucial juncture in its evolution as four major mixed-use luxury developments evolve within its streets. The City Renewal Authority, an arm of the ACT Government, identified the need for a clear and action-oriented place strategy to ensure the neighbourhood remains on the right track, now and in the future.

Right Angle Studio was engaged as the lead consultant in a consortium with CoDesign Studio and Oculus. Responsible for the initial thinking and development of a Braddon Place Proposition, we set out to provide clear and concise provocations for revitalising ‘Brand Braddon’.

Through a mix of data-driven and qualitative observations, four key themes emerged that bring out Braddon’s best. These key themes were then integrated throughout the Braddon Place Plan and Preliminary Sketch Plans to ensure a consistent and compelling narrative, striking a cord with Braddon’s diverse groups and showing it off to the world.

“Unlike most cities, Canberra is a symmetrical jigsaw puzzle – everything has its place and purpose. Braddon may be a particularly distinctive piece of the puzzle, yet it still needs to function as part of the wider whole in the pursuit of key policy goals and ambitions.”

Braddon Place Proposition


Strategy, content, design


City Renewal Authority / ACT Government

Braddon, Canberra