Like many hospitality businesses when COVID hit, Golden Age Cinema & Bar needed to move online to help generate cash flow. Working closely with their team, we wanted to ensure the pivot went beyond a quick fix to create something that had lasting value for both the brand and the business. Designed and implemented in a matter of weeks, not months, Bottle Rocket generated over $25,000 in off-premise revenue and a further $10,000 in grant funding at a critical time for the business while also improving on-premise product quality, operational efficiency, business stability and highlighting further growth opportunities for the Golden Age brand.

Part 1
Brand Strategy

As always, our brand strategy was informed by a deep knowledge of the Golden Age audience. In particular, how their needs and behaviour were changing as a result of the pandemic and accompanying lockdowns. With temporary takeaway liquor licenses being granted to most businesses in Sydney, arguably, the last thing our audience needed was another alcohol delivery service. Yet, at the same time, we knew that people were spending unprecedented amounts of time on their couch watching movies and tv shows. This contradiction (or “pain point”) highlighted the opportunity to use Golden Age’s existing product and brand DNA to create a unique online bottle shop and candy bar experience.

Part 2

To help generate excitement and make this new product and service feel deliberate as opposed to default, a name was required, and quickly! The criteria: it had to have cinematic origins and help customers quickly understand what it was. Enter Bottle Rocket – cult film director Wes Anderson’s first feature and the first film we ever showed at Golden Age Cinema. Filmic, fun and implying speed of service, it ticked all the boxes.

Part 3
Identity Design

Bottle Rocket’s identity needed to stand alone and still sit comfortably within Golden Age Cinema & Bar’s existing brand framework. For an added degree of difficulty, it was also being developed in parallel to another product extension launching simultaneously – Golden Age’s on-demand cinema platform, Movie Night. To ensure cut-through without creating confusion, we developed identities for both Bottle Rocket and Movie Night that shared the same graphic style and colour palette. Both use Golden Age’s primary Monotype Lydian font, accompanied by a graphic motif — the bottle for Bottle Rocket, the film ticket for Movie Night. The burnt orange, spot colour helps them stand against Golden Age’s existing product while creating impact within their own platforms and collateral.

Part 4
Collateral Design

Launching Bottle Rocket required the design and production of a wide-range range of collateral including an e-commerce website, labelling for bottled cocktails, packaging for all deliveries, social media assets, promotional posters and on-street signage for takeaway and click-and-collect orders. All of these elements were designed and delivered in less than three weeks.

“Right Angle’s work on Bottle Rocket not only helped drive sales at a critical time, it also boosted staff morale by giving them a great brand and product to focus on. Both on-premise and off-premise, the value of their work can still be felt now.”

Evan Kerivan, Operations Manager
Golden Age Cinema & Bar


Brand strategy, naming, identity design


Golden Age Cinema & Bar