Barangaroo is one of the largest urban regeneration projects in the world – a $6 billion reinterpretation of dormant docks into a 22-hectare mixed-use precinct that will ultimately include parkland, commercial, residential and retail. Like almost all large-scale urban renewal projects, Barangaroo is both blessed with opportunity and fraught with complexity. Right Angle Studio’s role was to cut through that and help Lendlease understand and execute the retail.

Working back from a long-range trend report that looked at the future of public realm, shopping and workplaces, Right Angle worked closely with the Lendlease team to define the optimal retail offer, distribute it intuitively across the master plan and set out a strategy for attracting the types of operators that could bring the vision to life with real intensity and quality.

Barangaroo is only a few years deep into a project that will take up to 20 years to complete, but the retail is already established as a highlight of the precinct and a great contributor to the Sydney economy.

“The global financial crisis and ongoing financial instability has changed the way we shop. Consumers are demanding much more from their retail experiences, but it’s not necessarily more in terms of volume or value. Instead they expect more effort from the retailers who need to entertain them.”

The Barangaroo Macro Trend Report by Right Angle Studio


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