“The future is not some place we’re going to, but an idea in our mind now. It is something that we are creating that in turn creates us.” — Stephen Grosz, An Examined Life

As a progressive ASX Top-50 company, AMP Capital are dedicated to a considered and forward thinking approach to renewing their important assets. Aware that the Melbourne CBD is changing fast, they approached us to create and present a research report around 600 Bourke Street, a building with a pivotal position but fading relevance within the CBD.

The challenge inherent in all such projects is that we must use our understanding of what is happening today to predict what will be needed in the decades to come. This isn’t an act of clairvoyance, but rather a process by which research and analysis can help identify the better courses of action. Wherever AMP Capital takes 600 Bourke, it will last for at least 50 years. Probably longer. That may seem obvious, but as the way in which we live and work changes ever more rapidly, it is becoming increasingly necessary to future-proof our city-building projects.

By understanding the unique characteristics of the area and the long-term trends impacting the way residents, workers and visitors experience the city, we were able to provide AMP with a suite of strategic priorities to move forward into design with the quiet confidence that comes from forethought.


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Tim O’Connor