The Future Laboratory: Trend Briefings 2014


It’s on again! Put your brain back in your head. Every February we have the great privilege of partnering leading London based trend-forecasting agency The Future Laboratory with their Australian Trend Briefings. In 2014 the topic for the briefings is ‘XX v XY’ which tactfully explores what it will mean to be a woman or a man over the coming decade and how these different gender typologies are set to shape retail, culture, design, marketing and media. Regardless of your industry, if your job requires you to have a grip on what’s likely to happen in the future (and we’re guessing it does) then you’d be well-served by these briefings which will be held at ACMI in Melbourne and Carriageworks in Sydney. If you have any questions about the content or want to book tickets you can contact: Jessie French (03) 9417 0003 Or you can click through to...

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Golden Age Cinema & Bar


For five years we have had designs on the old Paramount Pictures headquarters in Surry Hills. Our original intention was to build a rooftop cinema similar to the one we started in Melbourne in 2005, however after a push back from local council in 2011 we needed to adjust our...

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The Thousands Tokyo


In his interview with Atlantic Cities, Peter Saville, the Creative Director of Manchester (and designer of the most amazing Factory Records covers of all time) says, that a city’s profile “is most determined by what it exports and not what it imports.” It’s a thought that has been playing on...

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Shared Intelligence Report


The Shared Intelligence Report is a collaborative project between Right Angle Studio and The Future Laboratory that will translate our intimate knowledge of Australia's inner-urban audience and their global insights into a competitive advantage for businesses and brands.


Cities are incredible. Culture is rich. People are time poor. The web is wide. Life is short. Since 2005, Right Angle Studio has published The Thousands City Guides. These guides help readers to choose well and in turn we hope to help cities flourish, creating a self-perpetuating cycle of better choices and better places to live.

City Guides Content Highlights

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